Burlington Northern 1983 Track Profiles (ex-Frisco Lines)

The track profiles were donated by John Dill.

All trackage shown here were in BN’s Springfield Region.  For the corresponding timetable, go here.  Note that some subdivisions are either branch lines for which we don’t have profiles or are ex-CB&Q lines and hence are not shown.

Memphis Division

1st Subdivision, Lindenwood to Chaffee (ex-Frisco River Division)

1st Subdivision, Chaffee to Memphis (ex-Frisco River Division)

3rd Subdivision, Tennessee-Mississippi line to Amory (ex-Frisco Southern Division)

3rd Subdivision, Amory to Birmingham (ex-Frisco Southern Division)

4th Subdivision, Armory to Magnolia (ex-Frisco Southern Division)

5th Subdivision, Magnolia to Pensacola (ex-Frisco Southern Division)

6th Subdivision, York to Mobile (ex-Frisco Southern Division)

Tulsa Division

1st Subdivision, Monett to Tulsa (ex-Frisco Western Division)

2nd Subdivision, Cherokee Yard to Enid (ex-Frisco Western Division)

2nd Subdivision, Enid to Avard (ex-Frisco Western Division)

4th Subdivision, Tulsa to Oklahoma City (ex-Frisco Southwestern Division)

5th Subdivision, Oklahoma City to Quanah (ex-Frisco Southwestern Division)

6th Subdivision, Sapulpa to Francis (ex-Frisco Southwestern Division)

6th Subdivision, Francis to Sherman (ex-Frisco Southwestern Division)

6th Subdivision, Sherman to Carrollton (ex-Frisco Southwestern Division)

7th Subdivision, Lakeside to Hugo (ex-Frisco Central Division)

7th Subdivision, Hugo to Hope (ex-Frisco Central Division)

Springfield Division

1st Subdivision, Eureka to Springfield (ex-Frisco Eastern Division)

4th Subdivision, Springfield to Monett (ex-Frisco Eastern Division)

5th and 6th Subdivisions, Monett to the Oklahoma line (ex-Frisco Central Division)

7th Subdivision, Pierce City to Neodesha (ex-Frisco Eastern Division)

9th and 10th Subdivisions, Neodesha to Valley Center (ex-Frisco Eastern Division)

16th Subdivision, Kansas City to Fort Scott (ex-Frisco Northern Division)

16th Subdivision, Fort Scott to Springfield (ex-Frisco Northern Division)

17th Subdivision, Springfield to Thayer (ex-Frisco Northern Division)

17th Subdivision, Thayer to Turrell (ex-Frisco Northern Division)

18th Subdivision, Edwards to Afton (ex-Frisco Western Division)