FOBNR 2021 Convention (Postponed, but check out the Mini-Meet below)
Vancouver, Washington

Regional Mini-Meet:  In lieu of a convention, we decided to organize a regional activity that would allow us to meet in person while staying safe-three days of pure railfanning in the Galesburg, Illinois area.  If this works well, we may try similar events farther west later in the summer or early fall.  Come and enjoy the fellowship!  Click here for more information.

The Board of Directors is monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic situation and will reschedule the convention when it appears that it will be safe to meet in person again.


Information About Other Historical Society Conventions/Meetings

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Each year the FOBNR holds a convention and membership meeting at some location on the BN/BNSF system. The convention includes tours of local BN/BNSF facilities and other railroad-related facilities, a display of BN historical information and items, tours of local layouts (and sometimes operating sessions), railfanning opportunities, a banquet with a speaker (usually a local BNSF official), and a board meeting.

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