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The BN Expediter – July 2024

July 2024 – Volume 32 Number 3

The July 2024 issue (36 pages) contains:

  • The FOBNR Freight Car (N)
    The N scale FBNX cars visited the Capital City (Madison, Wisconsin) “N”Gineers modular layout, with photos of the cars traveling through various modules.
  • History of the West Suburban Mass Transit District
    Chapter 1 (of eight) of the essay by Ted Schuster about the public/private partnership that took over suburban commuter service on the BN in the early 1970s. The complete essay is available from the FOBNR company store.
  • BNSF Helper Engines on the old MRL, by Larry Zuetschel
    A short article, with photos, of BNSF power starting to join MRL power in helper power sets in Livingston (Bozeman Pass) and Helena (Mullan Pass).
  • The Rebuilding of BN-1 and BN-2, by Gary Seifken
    A mostly photo essay showing step-by-step details of the work done by BN’s West Burlington locomotive shop to take old F9A and F9B relegated to snowplow service into state-of-the-art varnish that would lead BN business trains. Includes 47 photos of before and after aspects of the rebuild.
  • Over the Top, by Dave Poplawski
    A single photo of the roof detail of five BN locomotives at the Northtown engine facility: SW12 170, SW15 309, GP9 1813, GP9 1868, and GP38-2 2109.
  • BN’s Intermodal Hub Conversions, by Mark Cane
    An article about how BN’s intermodal facilities transitioned from “circus style” loading/unloading ramps to the modern lift-style technology in use today.
  • Oral History Interview with Erik C. “Rik” Anderson, by Dave Kroeger
    Dave interviews Rik about his career, starting with the Rock Island Railroad in 1972 as a train order operator, his move to BN in Minneapolis in 1978, moving up to dispatcher and eventually chief dispatcher in Galesburg, and eventually leaving the BN for the Chicago Central. Includes a couple photos of the dispatching panels in the Northtown Hump Tower, plus few photos Rik took of the action in the Twin Cities during his stint there.

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