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The July 2021 issue (32 pages) contains:

  • FOBNR Freight Car(s)
    The HO scale FBNX car visits Bryan Smith’s Chicago and Iowa layout in Fernley, Nevada, and two N scale FBNX cars visit the Moffat Modelers’ layout at the Fourney Museum in Denver, Colorado. Photos and descriptions of their visit to several locations along the lines.
  • A Taste of 1994 to Kick Off 2021: The Hastings-McCook Local, by Joel Poland
    A short article, with photographs, about chasing the local, powered by two relics of the BN era, a GP50 and SD40-2, still in BN Cascade Green, as it worked from Hastings to Cambridge, Nebraska.
  • Wow, What a Ride! Pat Keim: Oral History (Part 2 – Government Relations)
    Pat started on the CB&Q while in high school, then worked his way up into senior management in operations as the Montana Division Superintendent in Havre, Montana. Part 2 follows his transition into government relations and life after BNSF.
  • Henry Frick
    Excerpts from an essay by Earl Currie about the career of Henry Frick on the BN and BNSF in train service and as a dispatcher.
  • Before & After: 2003 / 2020
    Before and after photographs of BN/BNSF rotary snowplow 972554 in Glendive, Montana.
  • Plattsmouth, Nebraska: A Forty Year Coal Line Project, by Gary Seymour
    An article about the history of the cut and bridges where the BN/BNSF crosses the Missouri River. Includes a map, several photographs, both historic and modern, along with a short essay by civil engineer Chuck Easton about problems and solutions to erosion of the cut.
  • Tuning up my Atlas BN C30-7 #5112, by Bryan Smith
    Tips on getting an HO scale Atlas C30-7 into tip-top running condition.
  • Over the Top
    Photos of the roof detail of GP20s 2001 and 2032.

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