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The BN Expediter – April 2022

April 2022 – Volume 30 Number 2

The April 2022 issue (32 pages) contains:

  • The FOBNR Freight Car(s)
    The two N scale FBNX cars visit the DeNTRAK modular layout system, and the HO scale FBNX car visits Alan Schroeder’s Burlington Northern – Marias Pass layout. Photos and descriptions of their visits to several locations on their layouts.
  • Memorial for Earl Currie, by Dave Burns
    Earl Currie, a long time member and prolific contributor to the FOBNR, passed away in December 2021. Includes a list of articles Earl wrote for The BN Expediter, and another list of six books written by Earl that will be for sale from the FOBNR website.
  • Bruce Gillaspie: Oral History. Part 1 – Demurrage Clerk to Manager of Caboose and Locomotive Utilization.
    Bruce worked for the CB&Q, BN and BNSF starting in 1964 up to his retirement in 2006. In part 1 he tells us about working his way up through the ranks to a point where he was managing the department that assigned every locomotive and caboose to every train on the BN system on a daily basis.
  • Over the Top
    Overhead views of BN locomotives SD45 6467 and SDP45 6596, showing lots of roof details.
  • Building BN Caboose 12334
    B&W builders photos taken during the construction of the caboose showing the steps along the way, plus detail photos of interior and exterior of the completed unit.
  • Right of Way: BNSF’s Hannibal Subdivision (the K-Line) from Burlington to West Quincy
    A north-to-south traversal of a completely “dark” (unsignaled) subdivision, with descriptions and photos of the interesting locations and trains along the line.

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