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The April 2021 issue (32 pages) contains:

  • The FOBNR Freight Cars
    Two N scale FBNX cars visit George Rabbitt’s PG&D layout, and the HO scale FBNX car visits Burr Stewart’s BN Seattle Region layout. Photos and descriptions of their visit to several locations along the lines.
  • Wow, What a Ride! Pat Keim: Oral History (Part 1 – Operations)
    Pat started on the CB&Q while in high school, then worked his way up into senior management in operations as the Montana Division Superintendent in Havre, Montana. Part 2 will follow his transition into government relations and life after BNSF.
  • The Return of the Kalispell Subdivision
    A short article about BNSF taking back service on the Kalispell Subdivision after 15 years of operation by Mission Mountain Railroad, with a couple of photos.
  • Right of Way: BNSF’s Laurel Subdivision, Mossmain to Great Falls (by Mark Demaline and Dave Poplawski)
    An east (RR south) to west (RR north) trip along the subdivision, with descriptions and photos of the interesting locations along the line, including historical photos of train order depots and abandoned prairie skyscrapers (grain elevators).
  • Rail Service to Moore, Montana: A Short History of a Short Subdivision (by Mark Demaline and Dave Poplawski)
    A short article of how rail service to the grain elevator at Moore transitioned from the CMStP&P to the BN via Lewistown to the BN via a new connection from the Laurel Subdivision via Sipple, including a brief mention of the Central Montana Railroad.
  • Montana Rail Link’s GP9 Fleet (by Jay Glenewinkel)
    A description of MRL’s GP9s, including an all-time roster and photos of all units still in service in January 2021.
  • Before and After: 1975 / 1981
    BN U25C #5611 in 1975 on a coal train, and then in 1981 on a funeral train in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

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