Business (BNA-xx) and Company Service (B-xx) Cars

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Car No
Type N-scale
Names car used in BN ownership
BNA-1 Obs Car Kato (CB&Q), Burlington, Burlington Northern, Mississippi River
BNA-2 Obs Car (GN A-2), Columbia River
BNA-3 Hwt Obs Car (GN A-1), Red River
BNA-4 Obs Car brass (NP), Yellowstone River
BNA-5 Obs Car (NP), Clark Fork River
BNA-6 Obs Car (NP Yakima River), Missouri River
BNA-7 Hwt Obs Car (SLSF), Canadian River, Kootenai River
BNA-8 Obs Car-arch (GN A-4/28), Kootenai River, Canadian River
BNA-9 Obs Car-arch (SLSF), Meramec River
BNA-10 Lounge (GN-1209), Como
BNA-11 Lounge (GN B2, B12), Deschutes River
BNA-12 Diner (GN-1154), Lake Michigan
BNA-13 Coach (GN-1115)
BNA-14 Coach (GN-1116)
BNA-15 Baggage (BN/NP-206)
BNA-16 Baggage (BN/NP-216)
BNA-17 Baggage (BN/NP-227)
BNA-18 Coach (GN-1097)
BNA-19 Coach (GN-1213)
BNA-20 sleeper (GN-1371/Pinkerton Pass), Big Horn Pass
BNA-21 sleeper (GN/NP-1375), Jefferson Pass
BNA-22 sleeper (GN-1260), Stevens Pass
BNA-23 power car (NP-364), Stampede Pass
BNA-24 full dome (GN-1390), Glacier View
BNA-25 sleeper/lounge (GN/NP-1198/Manitoba Club), St Croix River
BNA-26 diner (NP-459), Lake Superior
BNA-30 power car Snoqualmie Pass
BNA-31 bi-level coach Fox River
BNA-32 bi-level coach Flathead River
BNA-33 bi-level coach Skagit River
B1 Hwt Coach-arch roof (GN B1), Air Brake Instruction car
B2 Hwt Lounge (GN X-7853), 1085, Deschutes River
B3 Hwt Lounge (SP&S-111), Instruction/Examination
B4 conv Hwt-arch roof (GN B4), Safety Instruction car
B5 conv Hwt-arch roof (GN B5), Rules Instruction car
B6 Hwt Obs car (GN A5), Compass Instruction Car
B7 Hwt Obs car (GN A6), Compass Instruction Car
B8 baggage (NP 250), Fire Prevention car
B9 conv Hwt-arch roof (GN-1083), Track Geometry Car
B10 conv Hwt-arch roof (NP-276), 979100, 968085, Dynamometer Car
B11 60 seat Coach Roadway Maintainence Training car, ex-GN 1210
B12 Hwt Lounge (B2, BNA-11, Deschutes River), Safety, Rules & Roadway Maintenance Training Car
BN10 bunk car for B9 ex-EV caboose
CB&Q Obs Car Round-up, to CN in ’72
99 Obs Car SP&S 99 – for sale
NP Hwt Obs Car Gallatin River – scrapped
NP Hwt Obs Car Green River – scrapped
NP Hwt Obs Car Madison River – Sold in 1970 to Lake Whatcom Railway-Wickersham, WA
A3 Hwt Obs Car (GN A-3), Glacier Pass, to ARR in ’71
A5 Hwt Obs Car A5 changed to B6 in 1971
A6 Hwt Obs Car A6 changed to B7 in 1971
A-11 Hwt Obs Car GN A-11 / now at MTM-Osceola
2350 RDC-3 only one to operate
B-30 RDC
B-31 RDC
B-32 RDC
B-40 RDC
B-41 RDC
B-42 RDC
CB&Q-100 hwt office car
CB&Q-10 hwt-coach air brake instruction
CB&Q-30 hwt-coach dynamometer
CB&Q-1931 hwt-Obs car CTC Instruction car