Burlington Northern Business Cars 1970

Previous Owner Burlington Northern
Road Car Name/Number Name/Number 1970 Update 1980’s
GN Business Car A-1 A-1 Red River in 1971 BNA 3 Remodeled in 1983
GN Business Car A-2 A-2 Columbia River in 1971 BNA 2 Remodeled in 1982
GN Business Car A-3 A-3 Glacier Pass in 1971 Sold to Alaska RR 12-10-71
GN Business Car A-4 A-4 Kootenai River in 1971 BNA 7 Remodled in 1982 and named Canadian River later back to Kootenai River
NP Business Car Clark Fork River
NP Business Car Yellowstone River BNA 4 Remodeled in 1983
CB&Q Business Car Burlington Burlington Burlington Northern in 1971 to: Mississippi River 1974 BNA 1 Remodeled in 1976 and 1982
CB&Q Business Car The Round-Up The Round-Up Sold to: CN Rail in 1972
GN Air Brake Instruction Car B1 B1
GN Rules Instruction Car X-7853 B2 Redesignated a business car and changed BNA 12 Remodeled in 1989
to: Deschutes River (briefly numbered 1085), in 1974
SP&S Instruction/examination car 111 B3
GN Safety Instruction car B4 B4
GN Rules Instruction Car B5 B5
GN Business Car A5 B6 Rebuilt as Compass training car in 1971
GN Business Car A6 B7 Rebuilt as Compass training car in 1971
NP Baggage car 250 B8 Rebuilt as Fire Prevention Instruction car in 1971
NP Dynamometer car 276 979100 968085 in 1973 to: B10 in 1974
NP Yakima River Missouri River BNA 6 Remodeled in 1982

Other BN passenger cars

baggage car 7025
coach 1115 968078 Stevens Pass
coach 1116 968079 Logan Pass
dining car 1154 Lake Michigan BNA 22
NP 10 roomette-6 double bedroom sleeper 364 Stampede Pass BNA 23 Remodeled in 1982
6 roomette-5 double bedroom-2 compartment sleeper 1371 Pinkerton Pass BNA 20 Renamed Big Horn Pass
8 duplex roomette-2 double bedroom-buffet-lounge car 1198 St. Croix River
NP 8 duplex roomette-6 roomette-4 double bedroom sleeper 371 371 Rogers Pass
6 roomette-5 double bedroom-2 compartment sleeper 1375 Jefferson Pass BNA 21
Observsation-lounge car 1293 1293 Cathedral Mountian
GN 6 roomette-5 double bedroom-2 compartment sleeper 1379 1379 Big Horn Pass
NP Baggage car 216 216

The BN inherited passenger and business cars from the 1970 merger.
This list covers the fleet from 1970 to 1975.

Source: F. Hol Wagner “Burlington Northern 1975-76 Annual” Motive Power Services,
Denver, Co. pp.
27-51 Copyright 1976 (Out of Print)