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The FOBNR is pleased to give you the opportunity to purchase various items concerning our favorite railroad.

Back Issues of our newsletter, The BN Expediter
BN (only) Calendar
FOBNR Logo Covered Hopper Decals (HO and N scales)
BN Covered Hopper Decals (HO scale only)
FOBNR Logo Polo Shirt
FOBNR Lanyard
FOBNR Member Name Tag
The Burlington Northern: An Operational Chronology, 1970-1995 by Dr. John Strauss.
The History of the West Suburban Mass Transit District by T. G. (Ted) Schuster

Works by Earl Currie:  (with thanks to Earl’s family for donating his inventory to the FOBNR to sell)

Running a Railroad Right – SOLD OUT
It Gets In Your Blood – SOLD OUT
Commitment to Safety
James J. Hill’s Legacy to Railway Operations
BN-Frisco, A Tough Merger – SOLD OUT
Building Burlington Northern, The Lorentzsen Years 1970-1980
Robert W. Downing, One of the Best and Brightest
Burlington Northern: A Great Adventure, 1970–1979 
Transformation of a Railroad Company: Burlington Northern, 1980–1995 
Henry Frick, an Essay (free)

Burlington Northern: Early Years DVD:

This video footage from the LuVerne Andreessen Collection focuses on the early years of the Burlington Northern Railroad. Much of the footage was shot in 1970, and primarily features operations on the former Chicago, Burlington & Quincy between Galesburg IL and St Paul MN. Passenger operations are featured with a variety of pre-Amtrak train sets, as well as freight operations in the same area. This DVD is produced and sold by the Iowa Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society, and is available from their website.