The History of the West Suburban Transit District

by T. G. (Ted) Schuster

T. G. (Ted) Schuster was Assistant Vice President, Urban Services for BN in Chicago and was instrumental in the creation of the West Suburban Mass Transit District (WSMTD), a partnership between the BN and the communities served by its daily commuter service. Ted felt that it was important to chronicle to efforts to create the WSMTD as an example of public/private cooperation to solve the problem of funding mass transit. He wanted his book to be placed in local libraries and distributed to organizations focused on transportation history and people involved in the planning or management of rail passenger service in urban areas. He completed the manuscript in 1996 but was not successful in getting it printed before he passed away. Earl Currie took the manuscript, added some information, and printed and distributed a limited number of copies. The FOBNR received permission from Ted’s and Earl’s families to reprint and sell this work.

Chapter 1 is available here to give you a sample of Ted’s writing.

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