Burlington Northern Passenger Cars

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Because the operation of passenger trains was a money loosing operation, and “ASTRO” (AMTRAK’s first name) was already being considered, very little money was allocated towards the cars’ upkeep.  Henceforth most of the cars owned never received BN paint, much less their assigned numbers. To add to the confusion even more, some cars that were repainted, mainly NP, retained their original car number instead of their assigned BN car number!  Because of this, these listings are arranged by the original owner’s roadnames and then by car type and number.

By clicking on the car series in the following pages you will be provided with the following information (as it becomes available): diagram pages, pictures, dispositions, and models available in “N” and “HO” scale. All photos are low resultion scans to prevent copying.

Former GN
Former NP
Former CB&Q
Former SP&S
Business or Company Service

This listing was created from various company records, supplemented by information from F. Hol Wagner’s BN Annuals, Charles Rudisel’s “BN Passenger Car Diagram” book, and various other sources. All photos were taken by Peter D Ferch, except as noted.