Genealogy questions

The Friends of the Burlington Northern Railroad occasional receives questions about employees of the companies that formed BN. Unfortunately, we don’t keep or have access to any information about any employees associated with BNSF Railway, the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway, the Burlington Northern Railroad, the Frisco, the Montana Rail Link, the Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe, Chicago Burlington and Quincy, Great Northern, Northern Pacific, Spokane Portland and Seattle and subsidiary companies.

Although much of this information may no longer exist we suggest you contact the following organizations that may have employees as members or genealogy groups that can answer your questions.

Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society
The Burlington Route Historical Society
Frisco Historical Society
Great Northern Railway Historical Society
SP&S Railway Historical Society
Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association
Texas Transportation Archive

The following links give general information about how to go about searching for people.

Mormon Links
Surname Search
Genealogy Search
Genealogy Resources Online

Once again, FOBNR appreciates your interest and hopes this will aid your research into your family history.


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