Volunteer Job Descriptions

All positions require internet access and email.

Time commitments are for the person in charge, not assistants.

If interested in helping, contact the appropriate person on our contact page, or just use the generic contact form at the bottom of that page.

Board of Directors (BofD)

  • Elected by membership for a two year term.
  • Manage the affairs of the organization.
  • Select officers annually, and fill vacancies as needed.
  • Attend quarterly BofD meetings, either in person, via Internet video, or by phone.
  • Time commitment: 2 hours per quarterly board meeting, plus preparation time.


  • Assemble agenda for quarterly BofD meeting.
  • Preside over quarterly board of directors meeting.
  • Final decision-making authority on organizational issues (in close coordination with BofD).
  • Write annual president’s message in The BN Expediter.
  • Attend quarterly BofD meetings, either in person, via Internet video, or by phone.
  • Time commitment: a couple hours a month, but varies.

Vice President

  • Assist the president as needed.
  • Take over president’s role in the president’s absence.
  • Attend quarterly BofD meetings, either in person, via Internet video, or by phone.
  • Time commitment: a couple of hours a month, as needed.


  • Record the minutes of the meetings of the members and of the board of directors.
  • Store official documents of the corporation, and make electronic copies of them available as needed.
  • Attend quarterly BofD meetings, either in person or via Internet video
  • Time commitment: a few hours every quarter to record and distribute meeting minutes.


  • Maintain the organization’s bank accounts and other financial accounts (PayPal, etc.), deposit funds coming into the organization, pay the bills on a timely basis and maintain records of expenditures.
  • Maintain a liaison with the manager of the company store regarding the income and expenses of the store.
  • Maintain a liaison with the membership secretary with respect to membership dues payments.
  • Propose an annual budget to the BofD and provide timely reports on the organization’s income and expenses throughout the year.
  • Make appropriate annual filings with the IRS.
  • Attend quarterly BofD meetings, either in person, via Internet video, or by phone.
  • Time commitment: 1-2 hours/week

Editor of The BN Expediter

  • Oversee the production of 4 issues of The BN Expediter each year.
  • Solicit articles, photos and other materials for publication.
  • Work with authors to produce high quality articles.
  • Plan and arrange each issue.
  • Use a desktop publishing system (currently QuarkXPress) to produce a PDF of each issue.
  • Work with the printer to print and mail each issue.
  • Time commitment: a few hours a week, plus up to 100 hours quarterly to lay out each issue.

Membership Secretary

  • Receive membership dues.
  • Forward membership payment checks to the treasurer .
  • Update treasurer monthly on status of membership payments.
  • Update board of directors with membership data.
  • Send renewal reminders to members whose membership is expiring.
  • Send mailing lists to printer for each issue of The BN Expediter.
  • Time commitment: On average, less than an hour per week, except for November and December, when most renewal notices are sent out and renewals are received.

Company Store Manager

  • Process and record all company store sales.
  • Package and ship company store orders.
  • Maintain and store company store inventory.
  • Prepare quarterly reports detailing inventory, sales, etc.
  • Coordinate financial matters with treasurer (deposit checks received; submit expense reimbursements).
  • Maintain order forms and coordinate uploading/replacement of order forms with webmaster.
  • Time commitment: average of 30 minutes per week, but varies seasonally with orders.


  • Oversee the organization, content and evolution of the website.
  • Ensures website is up-to-date and accurate.
  • Work with contracted system administrator to maintain and update website.
  • Time commitment: 10 hours per month (varies).

Social Media Manager

  • Update social media platform(s) as necessary with organizational highlights, announcements, changes and events. Updates must be crafted for both the public and organizational members.
  • Monitor social medial platform(s) for incoming inquiries. Research and coordinate/provide responses as necessary.
  • Manage FOBNR social medial accounts, profiles, and settings to ensure “public facing” appropriate content and service provider policy compliance.
  • Time commitment: 1.5 hours per month.

Web Site Contact

  • Welcome new members by sending a letter and gift of a FOBNR pen.
  • Answer questions about FOBNR membership and publications. Problem-solve any difficulties.
  • Research and write occasional short articles for the “Contact Corner” feature of The BN Expediter based on questions received.
  • Attend BofD meetings as needed as a consultant with non-voting status.
  • Participate in FOBNR email discussion group as needed.
  • Maintain the FOBNR PO Box.
  • Send “Thank You” letters acknowledging donations to FOBNR.
  • Time commitment-varies: Prepare the welcome materials for a new member- a few minutes; Short, easy questions- a few minutes or hours. Add more time if a Contact Corner article is written; Researching and writing a longer article may take many hours over several weeks or months-depends on the nature of the question and resources available.

Archives Coordinator

  • Currently there are three members who ‘maintain’ the archives, they are stored in two locations-a member’s basement and any new items are going into a climate-controlled storage locker.
  • As new items for the archives are donated – one of us will receive those items and put them in our locker(Twin Cities area).
  • As requests for information are received via the website or social media – the web site contact will contact the three of us and see if we can answer the question. We may need to look at items in the archives for those answers.
  • The current time commitment is about a hour total a month – if you feel like helping us organize the items and are in the Twin Cities area – please contact me and we can set-up a ‘work meeting’ – The storage facility is climate controlled, about 65 degrees, there is a restroom on-site and we have fold out chairs for sitting on.
  • Calendar Coordinator

    • Receive and collect photo submissions for the next BN calendar.
    • Work with photo selection team to pick 12 monthly and one cover photo for the next year’s calendar.
    • Time commitment: minimal as photos arrive, then 10-20 hours, usually in June, selecting the photos and writing captions.