Building Burlington Northern: The Lorentzsen Years 1970-1980

by Earl Currie

An essay about the early years of the BN from the point of view of Norman Lorentzsen. It includes writings by Mr. Lorentzsen as well as interesting comments and some evaluations on how BN was restructured and the leadership style employed by the company in the years after he retired. It also has excerpts from several visits Earl had with Mr. Lorentzsen, oral histories Mr. Lorentzsen gave to some historical organizations, as well as Earl’s personal recollections from his years of service as an operating officer with BN. There is a segment on Mr. Lorentzsen’s early work on the NP and his service in the U.S. Navy in WWII. It includes a few B&W photos, maps and drawings as well. The essay is 37 pages spiral bound.

Written in 2015, spiral bound, 37 pages.

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