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The April 2020 (32 pages) issue contains:

  • Contact Corner: Locotrol RCU Mated with BN 5624
    A long answer to a simple question about which Locotrol RCU was initially mated to this particular locomotive, with more information about Locotrol, a listing of all Locotrol RCUs, and a couple of photos.
  • Happy 50th Anniversary BN!
    This issue is devoted to the 50th anniversary of the formation of the BN, and includes a few items from the March 2, 1970 issue of the Burlington Northern News.
  • BN Operational Chronology, Chapter 2: The First Year
    A reprint of one chapter of John Strauss’s excellent treatise on the operation of the BN, including several photos from the early ’70s.
  • Burlington Northern, A Great Adventure: 1970-1979, Chapter 16: Disparate Cultures
    A reprint of one chapter of Earl Currie’s new two-volume series on the history of the BN, in which the melding of the cultures of the predecessor roads is discussed.
  • 1970 on the Hannibal Division
    Personal recollections by Kent Hannah of operations in 1970 on the Hannibal Subdivision, with lots of details about trains on the Peoria (Illinois) line and elsewhere on the subdivision, including a few pictures of action in the early days.
  • The First BN Freight Train (#97)
    A photo of the first “official” freight train on the BN, with 5 brand new GP38’s leading train #97 west over the Gassman Coulee bridge just west of Minot, North Dakota. Includes Earl Currie’s recollections of the first train as it left Chicago.
  • Potpourri of Photos From the Early Days
    Nine cool photos of trains from the early 1970s from around the country, with many “rainbow” power lashups.

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