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The January 2021 (28 pages) issue contains:

  • FOBNR Contact Corner: Intermountain Model Boxcar w/ Orange Doors
    An inquiry into the reason for the doors being orange instead of green like the rest of the car.
  • The FOBNR Freight Car(s)
    Two N scale FBNX cars visit Paul Brennecke’s Grand Road layout. Photos and description of their visit to several locations along the line.
  • BN + AT&SF = BNSF, 25 Years and Counting
    A chronological account of the lead up to the merger, including the bidding war between BN and the Union Pacific. Highlights of operational and changes to the physical plant in the first year, including concessions received from UP for BN’s support for the UP/SP merger.
  • The First BNSF Locomotives
    A short article, with both roster and action photos, describing the celebration paint scheme, the experimental paint scheme, BNSF lettering on Warbonnet and Grinstein units, and the first units decorated with the new BNSF orange paint scheme.
  • Where BN & Santa Fe Met: 1995 and 2020
    A list of locations where BN and Santa Fe trackages crossed and met in 1995, with a short description of operations at those sites in 1995, and how things have changed at those locations as of 2020.
  • Hot Boxes and Close Calls
    A personal recollection from Leo Phillip of his experiences as a brakeman and conductor in the 1970s on BN around Chicago and along the C&I Subdivision west of Aurora.
  • Fred Smith’s 1/8 Scale BN Trains
    Photos of Fred’s collection of locomotives, caboose and freight cars.

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