The BN Expediter – Back Issues: 2001-2008

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January 2001 – Volume 9 Number 1

The January 2001 issue (20 pages) contains:

  • 6th Subdivision Yellowstone Division, by Wade Griffis
    The ex-CB&Q line from Bridger Jct, Wyoming to Laurel, Montana, now the Casper Sub (with map, timetable and photos).
  • Along The Line
    Photos and captions of interesting rail activity around the system.
  • Tie Distribution Train Between Bemidji and Bagley, Minnesota, by Martin Evoy III
    Chronicles the activity of the train dropping ties along the line on July 17, 1998.

April 2001 – Volume 9 Number 2

The April 2001 color issue (20 pages) contains:

  • Fargo, North Dakota Hot Spot, by Duane Durr and Micheal Farley
    Facilities and activities in and around Fargo (with map, timetables and photos).

July 2001 – Volume 9 Number 3

The July 2001 issue (16 pages) contains:

  • Oregon Electric Subdivision Eugene Hauler, by Kristopher Johnson
    Operations on this interesting line (with maps, timetable and photos).

October 2001 – Volume 9 Number 4

The October 2001 issue (20 pages) contains:

  • Where Do The Trains Go? H-EVEPAS1-16, by David Cooley
    A summary of the car destinations on the named train of February 16, 2001 (with map, data and photos).
  • BNSF Freight Car Deliveries: Year 2000, by Doug Stark
    A summary of new cars (with data and photos).
  • The Name of the Game is Competition 1980-1983, by John Strauss
    Chapter 6 of John’s The Burlington Northern, An Operational Chronology – 1970-1995, describing BN operations during 1980-1983.

January 2002 – Volume 10 Number 1

The January 2002 issue (20 pages) contains:

  • BN Locomotive Chronicles 1981, by Dave Poplawski and Andrew Weusthoff
    Activities, acquisitions, dispositions (with photos).
  • Boeing 737 Transport Cars, by Markus Zöschg
    Building one in HO scale (with photos).

April 2002 – Volume 10 Number 2

The April 2002 issue (12 pages) contains:

  • BNSF 2001 Locomotive Roster Activity
    Purchases and dispositions (with photos).

July 2002 – Volume 10 Number 3

The July 2002 issue (16 pages) contains:

  • Locomotives Repainted in 2001
    A complete list of repaintings (with photos).
  • Freight Car Repair Facilities and Parts at Williston, North Dakota, by Martin Evoy III
    Repair equipment and materials (with photos).
  • Along The Line
    Photos and info of activity around the system.

October 2002 – Volume 10 Number 4

The October 2002 color issue (16 pages) contains:

  • A Night Dispatching the Pasco East Division, by Blair Kooistra
    Managing trains on October 25, 2001 (with timetable, dispatching screen shots, and photos).
  • BNSF Freight Car Deliveries: 2001, by Doug Stark
    All new cars for the year (with data).

January 2003 – Volume 11 Number 1

The January 2003 issue (16 pages) contains:

  • BN Wreckers – A Partial List, by John Taubeneck
    A list of 43 wreckers (with diagrams, data and photos).
  • BNSF Wreckers
    The four remaining wreckers as of 2001 (with photos).

April 2003 – Volume 11 Number 2

The April 2003 issue (16 pages) contains:

  • BN’s B30-7A Locomotives, by Dereck Reiter
    History, heritage and modeling notes (with photos).

July 2003 – Volume 11 Number 3

The July 2003 issue (16 pages) contains:

  • An Interview with Henry E. Frick, BNSF Casper Subdivision Dispatcher, by Dave Poplawski
    Personal reflections on dispatching (with timetable, documents and photos).
  • BN Equipment, by Peter Ferch
    Information on the BN 460000-460199 series 4-bay ACF covered hoppers (with diagram and photos)

October 2003 – Volume 11 Number 4

The October 2003 color issue (16 pages) contains:

  • BNSF Freight Car Deliveries: 2002, by Doug Stark
    A list of new cars (with photos).
  • BN (BNSF) SD9s Sold
    10 SD9s sold to the Tillamook Bay RR (with photos).

January 2004 – Volume 12 Number 1

The January 2004 issue (16 pages) contains:

  • The National Academy of Railroad Science, by Jerry Pitts
    BNSF’s technical training center in Overland Park, KS (with photos).
  • BN Equipment, by Peter Ferch
    Company service tank cars (not fuel tenders) (with diagrams and photos).
  • CTC Reaches Seattle
    A short article on the installation of CTC in the Seattle area (with track diagrams).

April 2004 – Volume 12 Number 2

The April 2004 issue (20 pages) contains:

  • Spokane, Washington Hot Spots, by Kristopher Johnson
    The best trainwatching spots in the area (with maps, yard diagrams, timetables and photos).

July 2004 – Volume 12 Number 3

The July 2004 issue (12 pages) contains:

  • BN’s C30-7 Locomotive
    Photos and captions of a collection of C30-7’s in main line action.
  • Train Order 350: Why is the North Coast Hiawatha backing into a siding? by Dave Poplawski
    An analysis of a very pecular backup move (with train order and timetable).

October 2004 – Volume 12 Number 4

The October 2004 color issue (16 pages) contains:

  • BNSF Freight Car Deliveries: 2003, by Doug Stark
    New cars (with photos).
  • A collection of color photos of SD60M 1991 and Freedom caboose.

January 2005 – Volume 13 Number 1

The January 2005 issue (20 pages) contains:

  • Locomotive Chronicles: 1982, by Dave Poplawski
    Short article of purchases, retirements and activities, with lots of photos
  • Green Block
    An excerpt from Burlington Northern Adventures; Railroading in the Days of the Caboose, by William Brotherton

April 2005 – Volume 13 Number 2

The April 2005 issue (20 pages) contains:

  • BN/BNSF in the Twin Ports of Duluth and Superior 1970 to 2005, by Dave Poplawski
    A long article with map and lots of photos
  • The Last 757, by Andrew Klamka
    A short article about the last Boeing 757 transported by BNSF, with several photos

July 2005 – Volume 13 Number 3

The July 2005 issue (16 pages) contains:

  • BNSF’s Dickinson West Subdivision in Photos and Words, by Mark Dinnauer
    A long article with lots of photos
  • Cascade Green, by John Tenerowicz and Rick Spano
    How to mix model paint to match BN colors

October 2005 – Volume 13 Number 4

The October 2005 color issue (16 pages) contains:

  • The Essex Depot, by Dave Poplawski
    A short article with photos and sample train order
  • Lake Superior Terminal & Transfer Railway Company, by Jerry Pitts
    A short article with several photos
  • BN Locomotives
    Color photos of trains with green BN power

January 2006 – Volume 14 Number 1

The January 2006 issue (16 pages) contains:

  • New Bridge Opens for Traffic, by William Cornwell
    A short article with photo of bridge
  • Burlington Northerns MoW Trucks, by John Becker
    A short article with 10 photos
  • BN Time Tracks: Lagrange, Illinois, by William Miotek
    Photos taken in 1986, 1995 and 2005

April 2006 – Volume 14 Number 2

The April 2006 issue (20 pages) contains:

  • The Denver Railroad Scene, by Joe Snider
    An historical comment on why it looks that way, with maps and lots of photos

July 2006 – Volume 14 Number 3

The July 2006 issue (20 pages) contains:

  • Burlington Northern Locomotive Chronicles: 1983, by Dave Poplawski
    Locomotive acquisitions, retirements, activities with photos (including fuel tenders)

October 2006 – Volume 14 Number 4

The October 2006 color issue (20 pages) contains:

  • Big Green Caterpillar, by Andrew Weusthoff
    A long article about Cat-powered SD40-2 6330, with detailed photos
  • Wade Griffis’ BN Heartland Division, by Dave Poplawski
    A long article about Wade’s HO scale layout, including photos
  • The Oakways
    Roster and action photos

January 2007 – Volume 15 Number 1

The January 2007 issue (20 pages) contains:

  • BN Snow Dozers, by Jerry Pitts
    A long article with roster info, data and photos
  • BN Time Tracks
    Seattle near King Street Station in 1983 and 2003
  • The End of Train Location Lineups, by Henry Frick
    A short article with sample handwritten and typed lineups of the Cody Subdivision

April 2007 – Volume 15 Number 2

The April 2007 issue (20 pages) contains:

  • Bismark/Mandan, North Dakota Today, by Jerry Olson and Kent Charles
    A long article with maps and photos

July 2007 – Volume 15 Number 2

The July 2007 issue (20 pages) contains:

  • The Beaverton Switcher, by Kristopher Johnson
    A long article on its history, with maps and photos
  • BN Time Tracks
    Tacoma trackage 1984 versus 2007
  • MOW Equipment, by Jerry Pitts
    A propane-fueled CWR heater car

October 2007 – Volume 15 Number 4

The October 2007 color issue (20 pages) contains:

  • Round the Horn: A Valuable Piece of Railroad, by Earl Currie
    A long article about the Mendota-Denrock (IL) Line
  • A review of the book, by Micheal Farley
    Burlington Northern in Color, Volume 1: The Urge to Merge
  • 2007 Convention Report, by John Adams
    Activities and events.
  • Helpers on Stevens Pass, by Brian Ambrose
    A short article with lots of BW and color photos

January 2008 – Volume 16 Number 1

The January 2008 issue (16 pages) contains:

  • Interview with Wilbur Gulbranson
    GN/BN operator at the Essex depot.
  • Dawn to Dusk at Donkey Creek, by Dave Poplawski
    An account of all trains on June 20, 2006.
  • Along the Line
    A collection of photos from various locations.

April 2008 – Volume 16 Number 2

The April 2008 issue (12 pages) contains:

  • BN 626027: Modeling a unique Bulkhead Flatcar, by Lieutenant John M. Baker, US Navy
    How to, with diagram and photos.
  • Dawn to Dusk at Donkey Creek
    A list of all trains on June 20, 2006.
  • Lincoln, Nebraska area yards
    Current and historical (1970) yard diagrams.

July 2008 – Volume 16 Number 3

The July 2008 issue (24 pages) contains:

  • The NP & SP&S: Analysis of the Routes Between Spokane and Pasco, Washington, by Earl Currie
    A retrospective on the decision to abandon the SP&S route in the early 1980’s.

October 2008 – Volume 16 Number 4

The October 2008 color issue (20 pages) contains:

  • King Street Track Improvement Project, by Kristopher Johnson
    A short article about recent Seattle area changes, with photos and maps.
  • BN America’s 48′ Flat Rack Containers, by John Becker
    A short article with data and color photos, both loaded and empty.
  • 2008 Convention Report, by Gary Seymour
    Activities and events.