The BN Expediter – Article Needs

Then and Now
Do you have a photo of someplace on the BN or BNSF from many years ago, and over time that place has changed? Then go out and take another photo of the same place from the same vantage point, and send us both along with any information you can give us about the change (e.g., why the change, or what happens differently there now versus then). We’ll publish them as a “Then and Now” article.

Right Of Way
In the January 2015 issue, Peter Ferch encouraged us to document the current status of various BNSF lines in his Right of Way article about the Browns Valley Subdivision in western Minnesota. Is there subdivision near you that you could take a few hours to shoot the existing trackage and rail-related industries? If so, get out there this summer and shoot, then do a short write-up and send it in. We can provide associated information, like a timetable page, a schematic drawing, etc. to round out the article.

BN/BNSF Bridges
We’re collecting photos of bridges from around the entire BN/BNSF system for a major article sometime in the future. Big bridges, small bridges, whatever the railroad used to span anything from a major river or lake down to the smallest stream is what we are interested in (no culverts please). It would be nice if there was a train on the bridge, but that is not required. Pictures of bridges that no longer exist are also of special interest.