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Welcome to our searchable image archive. You can search by all sorts of categories and by combinations of categories. Please note that the photos are for personal use only and require permission from the FOBNR to use in other contexts. Also note that if you find any errors, or can add missing information, you can scroll to the bottom of any photo and send us an update.

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We are in the process of adding photos from collections that are donated to us. So far we have photos from the following folks:

Jack Keers (deceased). Jack was an FOBNR member and a county supervisor in Pipestone, Minnesota and spent a lot of time driving around the county. He brought his camera with him and used it to record the action on the BN/BNSF line through the area in the 1980s and 1990s. His collection was donated by his wife.

Wade Griffis (deceased). Wade was an FOBNR member, an active supporter of The BN Expediter, and a BN modeler, with a large layout in his basement (see it in the October 2006 issue of The BN Expediter). He had a very large collection that we are still working on adding to the archives. Unfortunately he did not label his photos very well, so in many cases we don’t know the location and sometimes not even the date. His collection was donated by his wife.

George Bergson. George lives in British Columbia and photographed the BN in the Pacific northwest since the 1970’s. He wanted to share his photos with folks interested in the BN.

Katon Serafine (deceased). Katon was a friend of George Bergson and gave his photos to George Bergson, who donated Katon’s photos along with his own. Katon also photographed the BN in the Pacific Northwest.

Neil Shankweiler (deceased). Neil lived in the east until the 70’s, when he moved to Colorado. He shot a lot of photos of anthracite railroads prior to moving, and a lot of BN in the west afterwards. His entire collection was donated to the Anthracite Railroads Historical Society, including all his BN photos. The Anthracite folks in turn donated Neil’s BN slides to us.