BN 700-787, 816-820 and 7100-7121

BN’s Commuter service in Chicago’s west side, which was a continuation of CB&Q service, was handled by seven groups of double decked coaches (and two groups of cab cars) called “Suburban Gallery Cars”.  Six of these groups were original CB&Q cars from 1954.  As more cars were needed to handle the population using this service, they were purchased from Budd in 1973 and 1978 to supplement the fleet.

Car Series restroom equipped? year mfg
700-724 no toilets 1954
725-731 toilets 1954
732-739 no toilets 1954
740-744 toilets 1954
745-749 no toilets 1954
750-787 toilets 1954
816-820 toilets 1973
7100-7121 toilets 1978

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