“BNA-3” (it’s “COMPASS” number) was originally built as a sleeper in June of 1930 for the Pullman company, rebuilt in 1948, it was purchased by the Great Northern(still a sleeper). GN rebuilt the car in 1957, changing it from a sleeper, into their business car “A1”, where it was used by their V.P. of Traffic until the merger. Upon the 1970 merger it became BN “A1”, where it was typically confused with “BNA-1”, the ex-CB&Q car. Because of this confusion, the car was renamed “Red River” in March of 1971 and painted in the green & white ‘hockey stick’. Rebuilt in 1977, and then again in 1983, to change from steam heat to eletric heat to match the rest of the ‘fleet’. It continued in this color until the “Executive scheme” was devised and applied to this car in 1993. This car is still in service.

Car NoColorDate changedLocationFormerlyNow
A1BSB03/01/70GN A1-VP TrafficBN A1
A1grn/wht03/01/71BN A1BNA-3 Red River
BNA-31977 diagram page of this car
BNA-3grn/wht09/01/81Como ShopsRed River
BNA-31983 diagram page of this car
BNA-3grn/wht09/01/90DenverRed River
BNA-3blk/crm09/01/94UniversityRed River
BNA-3blk/crm03/01/95UniversityRed River
BNA-3silver03/01/05Red River