BNA-2, was originally built for the Soo Line in 1958 by Pullman as a shell only. They completed the interior and named it “Minneapolis”. In 1966 it was sold to the GN and put into their business car fleet as A2. At merger time the car was painted “Big Sky” blue and it continued to have that color and number until 1971 when BN painted it in the standard colors of green and white, and changed it’s nomenclature from “A2” to “Columbia River”. This 86ft lightweight car had two large windows in the rear, an open rear platform, mini diaghram and spotlights to obersve the track it just passed over. Just like the other cars it was rebuilt in 1982 to change the heating from steam to electric to remove the need for the Heater Cars.

Car NoColorDate changedLocationFormerlyNow
BNA-2blu/wht03/01/70unknownGN A2BN A2
BNA-2grn/wht03/01/71BN A2Columbia River
BNA-21977 diagram page
BNA-2grn/wht09/01/78Como ShopsColumbia River
BNA-2after 1982 remodeling diagram page
BNA-2blk/crm07/01/95N/townColumbia River
BNA-2blk/crm12/01/95UniversityColumbia River
BNA-2silver03/01/05Columbia River