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January 1, 2018

Our New Logo! A couple of years ago Doug Andreasen suggested the FOBNR should have its own distinctive logo, and even offered a few suggestions on how it should look. The directors thought it was a great idea, but didn’t think his suggested logos looked quite right (sorry Doug). So we went to a graphics designer, Stephen Wilder, who came up with several suggestions. After a few iterations we came up with what you see on the cover, which the board has unanimously selected as the new logo for our organization. We hope you like it!

January 1, 2018

We begin coverage of the history and current operations of the Montana Rail Link, becoming the defacto historical society for it too. This is especially appropriate given the intimate relationship between BN/BNSF and so much BN/BNSF bridge traffic on the MRL over the years.

July 2, 2017

FOBNR 2017 Denver Convention Report and PPT Highlights

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