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The January 2018 (24 pages) issue contains:

  • President's Message (and FOBNR history)
    John Adams recalls the formation and 25 years of history of the FOBNR.

  • The BN Historian
    A 4-page reprint of what started it all, Volume 1 Number 1, put together by Dave Casdorph in 1991.

  • FOBNR Expands Covereage to Include the MRL
    A short article, with a few photos along Montana Rail Link trackage, explaining that the FOBNR is expanding its coverage to include the MRL.

  • Gary Olszewski Oral History Interview (part 1)
    Gary, a BN and BNSF employee from 1977 through 2015, tells his story of working as a hostler, fireman and engineer in the first of 2 parts. Includes a few historical photos.

  • Over the Top
    A short article with photos of the roof detail of a BN NW2 and SDP40.

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