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The January 2017 (24 pages) issue contains:

  • Working on the BN, 1970-71 - an Oral History
    An interview with Paul Brittain who worked for the BN in its earliest days around Eola, Illinois. He shares his experiences of being hired, working as a switchman in the yard and on various way freights to Savannah and Streator, Illinois.

  • Before, Then and Now: Grand Island Crossing
    A photo record of BN's crossing of the Union Pacific in Grand Island, Nebraska. Photos from before the new flyover, the year it was constructed, and now.

  • Reno Jct, May 1995
    A photo record of coal train action near Reno Jct, Wyoming, with Cascade green, Grinstein and Oakway power. The main was still 2 tracks, but was in the process of being expanded to 3.

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