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The January 2016 (28 pages) issue contains:

  • Then and Now
    Photos of the Paradise Local at Weeksville, Montana in 1988 and 2015.

  • Along the Sweetgrass Subdivision
    A photo-essay of what is now the Great Falls and Sweetgrass Subdivisions in Montana. Photos of trains, right-of-way, and structures along this secondary but important BNSF route.

  • Rocky Mountain Days - Part II
    Earl Currie adds his experiences as superintendent of the Rocky Mountain Division from 1974-75 as a follow up to Dave Burns article in the October 2015 issue. Includes track charts for the 4 mountain passes the division crosses.

  • Model Review - Arnold N Scale U25Cs
    A review of N-Scale U25C's available from Arnold, including prototype background information, roster shots, and photos of 2 versions of the model in BN colors as well as a photo of the model'sinner workings.

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