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The January 2015 (24 pages) issue contains:

  • 2015 Minneapolis Convention Preview
    A two page article, with color photos, about the upcoming FOBNR convention in Minneapolis, MN.

  • Bakken Oil and the BNSF
    A long article about the oil boom in North Dakota and BNSF's role in transporting that oil. Focus is on the history of oil production in ND, moving oil by train, BNSF's oil trains, and the future. Several color photos of oil trains around the system are included. This article will be continued in the April issue.

  • Right of Way: The Browns Valley Subdivision
    A short article about the Subdivision, with color photos of trackage and industry along the route and a schematic track diagram of the line.

  • The Inside Story
    A reprinting of the last three articles from the International-Stanley Corporation that devoted an entire issue of its Spring/Summer 1971 company newsletter to matters pertaining to the BN in 1971. Included in this issue are an article about the Billings Region and its head, John Davies, an article about the Seattle Region and its head, Ralph Merklin, and an article about the Chicago Region and its head Donald King. Included are historical photos, mostly color, of the railroad in the early 70's in those regions.

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