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The January 2011 issue (16 pages) contains:

  • Powder River Basin:
    A short article about the upcoming 2011 convention in Gillette and surounding coal mining and railroad operations, with several color and black and white photos, and track diagrams of the Orin and Black Hills subdivisions.

  • Unstoppable:
    A short story about a runnaway train on the Nebraska City line in 1977 by the BN division superintendent that chased it down and stopped it.

  • Locomotive Happenings:
    Recent color photos and captions about BNSF SD70ACe 9336 and BNSF GP39-2R2768, and a 1994 B&W photo of three (then) new SD70MACs undergoing testing by the SP near Moffet tunnel.

  • Along the Line in North Dakota:
    Color photos of BNSF action in Minot, Sanborn, and White Earth.

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