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The January 1995 issue (16 pages) contains:

  • Snowplow activity in North Dakota:
    use of rotary snowplows during the winters of 92/93
    and 93/94 (with photos).

  • BNFE 3 and BN's CO2 Cooled Reefers:
    information about the history and specifications of BNFE 3
    versus BN's 751000 series refrigerator cars (with diagram
    and photos).

  • BN East End Traffic Summary:
    a complete listing of all trains running on Chicago-Aurora
    triple-track mainline (except commuters).

  • 24 Hours on BN's East End:
    A record of every train passing milepost 27 between 6am
    on August 12th through 6am on August 13, 1994 (time,
    locomotive numbers, train number).

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