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The Burlington Northern, An Operational Chronology 1970-1995

BN Operational Chronology

Dr. John Strauss, Jr. Ph.D. author of several historical books on the Great Northern Railroad, has graciously donated this work to the Friends of the Burlington Northern Railroad. The October 2001 issue of The BN Expediter carries Chapter 6 of this work to give you an idea of the quality of work and detailed technical information about the operation of the BN in 1971. Now you can get the whole thing - all 100+ pages for just $18 plus shipping. This Soft-cover book is printed on high quality glossy paper, just like The BN Expediter, to be a durable, long lasting addition to your BN reference shelf. It contains no photos (except on the cover).

Read Chapter 6 as a sample of this work.

Get yours now by filling out and mailing the Strauss order form or by purchasing it on-line.

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