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E-BOOK Dedicated to Glacier National Park’s Centennial: 1910-2010.

Way back in 1996, a wonderful little book was written about the Great Northern Railway’s arrival in northwestern Montana. The book relayed factual historical information as well as colorful true tales about the subsequent development of the High-Line towns/places, and the idea for the creation of Glacier National Park. It sold out quickly.

This book was not and is not just a railroad history book. It is much, much more! Many interesting true stories about the time and places on this untamed frontier brings to light the drama, humor, sadness and glory days of the wild northwest.


And more, more, more!

Information contained in the newly created electronic version (CD) of this original soft cover book also includes an extensive History of the Blackfeet Tribe.

This electronic book is packed “cover to cover” with a delightful and wide assortment of information sure to entertain and inform people who come to the area for the centennial celebration. The new updated electronic version contains updates and many, many more pictures than the original! There is something for everyone!

In addition, fifteen digitally reproduced Great Northern Railway original and historic blueprints have been attached as a separate file on the CD. Some blueprints are quite large/detailed and include the towns of: Cut Bank, Blackfoot, East Glacier, Essex, West Glacier, and Columbia Falls, and there are other smaller blueprints which included places like: Virden, Arklow-Cataract, Kilroy, Kipp, and others. All of these original/historical blueprints have been donated to and will be displayed at the Izaak Walton Inn, by May 2010. The CD also includes the original BNSF Guide for rail-fanning; included in the original softbound version.

The Glacier National Park Centennial Celebration is an absolutely ideal time to once again offer this book, as this book describes in detail the reason for the creation of GLACIER NATIONAL PARK, and outlines the great efforts of those involved to make it become a reality.

This CD is an ideal keepsake, souvenir and/or gift for visitors, families and friends! This is a huge value—an entire book on CD—for less than the price of the original, with many extras not included in the original. This is an absolutely incredible value for an entire book! This will be the steal/deal of the Glacier National Park Season and celebration!

For the past several years people have inquired about obtaining a copy of the soft bound book which has long been out of print. Used outdated copies may still be found on sites on the Internet ranging from $23 to $60 per copy plus shipping.

A single copy of this new, improved, updated, revised CD will cost $14.99, which includes free shipping. The CD comes in a plastic jewel case that has colorful, attractive designs on both the front and back cover.

To order this book, contact John Coy via email at

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